This page contains various bits and pieces of artwork including banners, avatars, wallpapers, fanart and other non-comic art. feel free to use any of my art without my permission for non-commercial purposes, though I'd suggest you ask fan-artists before using theirs.


All avatars provided at 120x120pixel size, the largest available for most forums and IMs. you will probably need to shrink the image to 100x100 pixels for most forums.


All wallpapers provided in 1024x702 resolution. If you have a larger resolution or different aspect (widescreen/mobile/tablet whatever)  then feel free to contact me and I'll modify it from one of my photoshop originals.

Banners and buttons: 

These banner and buttons are to advertise HiT on other sites. if you run a comic, by all means link to me, or stick one in your forum signature to support HiT. One of the best ways you can help me is by showing other people where I am!


Most of the stuff in my sketchbook is far too sketchy, nude, spoilerific or just plain ungodly cool to be viewed by eyes less trained than mine, but those few pieces that won't make your head explode make their way here eventually.


Y'see how there's like nothing here? Guess what that means? I HAVE NO FANS *sob*, well not really, but if you feel so inclined as to give the crew a go with your own pencil, brush or bleeding vein (NOT seriously) then this is where you get your soapbox :)

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