About the Author:

Hi, I'm Stefan, more commonly known around the impressively name-altering medium we call the internet as 'Thereisnosaurus'. I write, draw, upload and generaly mangle this little comic. I'm an nineteen year old student, living in Melbourne, Australia, studying games design and interactive media at Swinburne university of technology. I enjoy all forms of creativity, from writing to drawing and painting, singing, drama and more or less anything in which I can make a fool of myself. I also, oddly enough, am a bit of a technology-nut and computer gamer, the PC being my platform of choice, though I also game on PSP and DS. I also enjoy martial arts and cooking, often combining the two, which usually results in a trip to the local hospital...

I'm a bit of a loner, thinker and wierdo, not into the usual pursuits of guys (or girls) my age. I've got a soft spot for poetry, philosophy and meditations on the meanings and purposes of life and its effects on people, which is how I ended up writing this story. I tend to dislike large social gatherings, loud music and going without my beloved internet.

When not drawing the comic, I'm usually found painting toy soldiers (warhammer), studying, working on a game or mod, getting the snot beaten out of me by senior martial artists as I struggle to get out of my probationary black belt, or just blowing time by... uh, well, okay, I don't have time to blow...
About the Comic:

So, maybe you're wondering just what the heck Hero in Training is, how does it work, and why someone would be so unbelievably stupid as to write such a hunk of junk anyhow... Well, to answer that (and more), Hero in Training is a 'webcomic', one of a growing brand of such publications published independantly and for free over the world wide web. Webcomics range from irreverant newspaper style gag strips to beautiful, graphic novel style epics. Most comics update a few times a week (I update twice) and almost all are completely free- We generate our revenue from advertising, donations and other indirect methods. For more webcomics, often far superior to my own humble attempts, check out my 'Links' page.

Now for a bit of history: Hero in Training debuted on this site on Febuary 2, 2006. Back then I was incredibly bad at translating my story into art, and that art into a digital format, so please excuse the quality of my early strips. The new site, which you can see at the moment, arrived a little over a year later, in Febuary 2007. Hero in Training is currently a part of the Comix Theatre, a group of comics founded by members of the Wotch Community. My primary sources of inspiration to begin were the Wotch Comic and El Goonish Shive (see the links page again), though I draw my style from everything from Asterix to Manga. Hero in Training is produced digitally in photoshop on a graphics tablet.
About the story

Hero In Training has gone through a few different versions in terms of format, the initial comics were squarepanel in the genre of the european comic strip but it has recently moved to a more dynamic graphic novel type. The story itself blends humor and a bright cartoony style with extremely serious situations and issues, adressing difficult topics hopefully in a way that anyone can understand and think about. Hero in Training is set in the dystopian city of Ashville, and revolves around the adventures of a group of friends caught in the midst of an epic struggle across worlds, time and ultimately their own beings. As the story progresses it will visit more and more exotic locales and the people around which it revolves will find themselves swept up in a maelstrom of adventure and strife where the only things they can cling to are each other. Welcome to a universe without limits and a battle without end. Heroes are made and broken and their stories will be told.

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